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Welterweight champion
By Hannah

"My great-grandfather, Walter Irving Camara, was the welterweight champion of Hawaii sometime in the early 1900's. "
More info. on my Grandfather
By charles

"the last message we received from him was 1912 some where in Hawaii.
Grandfather's name was: Adrian Matias Hernandez. his wife's name was:
Maria Soto Cataquel, and his father was:Francisco Matias Encarnacion.
His mother's name was: Margarita Cataquel.
Being that he was working for an american co., His name was probably changed to
Adrian Matias, his mother'maiden name of hernandez was probably dropped.
He left Puerto Rico on the 4th of October 1918."
Searching for Grandfather
By charles

"My family and i are searching to find out what happen to our Grandfather's name: was: Adrian Matias Hernandez and puerto Rico in 1900's and not herd from again. Can someone help."
Cooperative Purchasing of Hawaii
By Leilani

"This company was owned by LC Fernandes, does any one have any other information regarding the history of this company ?"

By Montel

"Dude we kicked their ass!"
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