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Life in Hawai‘i Business & Economy Arts & Science World Events

Governor Ben Cayetano announces impending layoffs for at least 700 state employees.

Arrests end a 15-month occupation of Makapu'u and Kaupo beach parks by Hawaiian activists. Under an eviction agreement, beach dwellers are moved to agricultural lands in Waimanalo.

Fiftieth anniversary of VJ Day celebrated with a visit by President Clinton.

Raita Fukusaku, first Japanese national extradited to stand trial for murder in the United States, convicted of murdering Japanese fortuneteller Toako Kototome Fujita and her 21-year-old son Goro.

Jack Gonzales - former state campaign spending executive director - convicted in Washington state of defrauding Hawai'i labor organization Unity House of $10 million.

Daiei buys out the 40% interest in Ala Moana Center held by Equitable Life Insurance.

Arakawa's 86-year-old plantation store closes in Waipahu.

Waipahu sugar closes after 98 years.

The last sugar plantation on the Big Island closes.

Bankruptcies in Hawai'i top 2,000 - a 28% increase over 1994's record - and foreclosures are about 20% higher than the year before.

Tourism industry posts modest gains lifting the state economy out of a post-Gulf War slump.

Chef Alan Wong opens his first restaurant in Honolulu with a barebones staff of 25.

Waialae Elementary becomes first to gain "student-centered" status.

University of Hawai'i scientist Paul G. Lucey concludes from lunar satellite research that the "moon did not form from the same source material as the earth." His findings give a big boost to the giant-impact theory of the moon's origin.

O.J. Simpson murder trial ends in acquittal.

A truck bomb explodes outside the federal building in Oklahoma City, killing 168.

Dayton settlement ends war in Bosnia.

Netscape goes public, starting Internet stock market boom.

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