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Overview of time periods in Hawaii's post-contact history

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Life in Hawai‘i Business & Economy Arts & Science World Events

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President Truman arrives in Honolulu on his way to the Orient.

Army, Air Force and Navy units merge to form the Military Air Transport Service.

Drastic 22% reduction in air force strength in Hawai`i announced. Approximately 900 airmen will leave the Islands.

Mrs. Therese Wilder, a prominent kama`aina widow, found murdered.

A heavily loaded Superfortress crashes and explodes in flames on Hickam Field parking ramp, killing 16 of the 20 crewmen.

Hawai`i has seven Olympic medalists, in weightlifting and swimming. The U.S. men's swim team - made up primarily of Hawai`i swimmers - wins every event, including 11 out of a possible 16 medals.

Walter Frear, former governor of Hawai`i, dies.

John Burns chairs Democratic County Committee.

Matsonia sails from Honolulu for the last time.

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Lurline completes her postwar maiden voyage.

Northwest Airlines begins scheduled flights between Seattle, Portland and Honolulu with the arrival of DC-4 Alii Manu.

Sugar exports to the mainland reduced by 75,000 tons by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture; quota for the year stands at 825,000 tons.

Large new business district planned for Honolulu in the area of Waialae and Kealalaolu Avenues.

The last Hawaiian language newspaper, Ka Hoku o Hawaii, ceases publication on the island of Ni`ihau, but Hawaiian language newspapers return in the 1970s.

Art Rutledge leads 36-day strike by Transit Workers Union.

U.S. Army's new Tripler General Hospital with supporting facilities dedicated.

Eighteen species of cockroaches in 15 genera are found in the Islands, all introduced since 1778.

Woody Brown and Alfred Kumalae design and build the first catamaran.

Trustees of Kauikeolani Children's Hospital approve plans for a $700,000 modern children's hospital.

Koreans in the Islands now number 7,320; 5,570 are U.S. citizens.

Republic of Korea founded with Syngman Rhee president.

Transistor launches a revolution in electronics.

Modern plastic contact lenses become available.

U.S. planes airlift supplies to Berlin which had been cut off by Soviet troops.

Independent Jewish state of Israel established.

Segregation of the U.S. military ends.

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