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One hundred thirty ships of U.S. fleet arrive in Hawai`i.

Entire territory participates in a blackout drill.

Navy plans for its largest Pacific air base at Barbers Point, plus expanding Kaneohe Naval Air Station by acquiring Mokapu penninsula.

General election plebecite favors statehood by a 2-1 margin.

First federal census taken in Hawai`i.

Members of Soichi Sakamoto's Three-Year Swim Club make up majority of the U.S. Olympic Team but Olympic Games are cancelled due to World War II.

Maui swimmer Kiyoshi "Keo" Nakama wins five gold medals at Pan American Games. During this year, he holds 27 national titles in distances ranging from 110 yards to 1,500 meters.

First public housing - the Kamehameha Homes - built by the Hawai`i Housing Authority in Kalihi.

Sears, Roebuck & Company acquires Honolulu site for a new $500,000 store building.

Volcano House destroyed by fire at a loss of $350,000.

Federal sugar act removes restrictions on mainland sales of sugar refined in Hawai`i.

$135,447,000 worth of imports arrive in the Islands; exports total $103,068,000.

Yearly production of island honey reaches 1,000,000 pounds of liquid honey, 10,000 pounds of beeswax and 5,000 pounds of comb honey.

Longshore plantation workers strike at Kauai's Ahukini port. The 298-day strike is the longest in Hawaii's history.

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Born In Paradise, the autobiography of Armine von Tempski, first published.

First diabetic clinic in Hawai`i opens.

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Mauna Loa erupts with lava displays similar to those of 1926 and 1933.

Puerto Ricans in the Islands number 8,296.

First escalator installed in the House of Mitsukoshi department store at King and Bethel Streets in Honolulu. It carries up-bound traffic only from the first to the second floor.

Italy joins World War II as Germany's ally.

Winston Churchill becomes prime minister of Britain.

German troops enter Paris and Vichy government rules France.

Heminway writes For Whom the Bell Tolls, with the Spanish Civil War as its setting.

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