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Life in Hawai‘i Business & Economy Arts & Science World Events

One hundred sixty-three Japanese language schools in operation. In the following year, the state legislature limits student attendance to one hour per day after public school hours. This action is declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1927.

First military airport dedicated.

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Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana'ole proposes statehood to the U.S. Congress.

Luke Field on Ford Island developed as a joint Army-Navy air facility.

Influenza epidemic hits Islands; out of 12,499 cases, 642 are fatal. Indoor public gatherings are prohibited as a public health measure.

Fire in Lahaina wipes out two blocks of commercial buildings.

First large group of Samoans comes to Hawai'i.

Peter Fukunaga opens a two-car repair garage after placing a down payment of $25. The company grows to become Servco, the state's largest auto retailer.

Pablo Manlapit organizes Filipino Federation of Labor.

$58,965,000 worth of imports arrive in Hawai'i; exports total $102,614,000.

Six non-plantation strikes take place during the year, including walk-outs by fishermen, telephone operators, iron workers and molders.

Honolulu Rapid Transit granted perpetual license to operate railway

First inter-island air mail flight takes place when two Army seaplanes leave Luke Field, Pearl Harbor at 9:10 a.m. and land with their bags of mail in Hilo shortly after 1:00 p.m.

Eruption begins on Ka'u slopes of Mauna Loa and spawns a tidal wave that hits the Kona coast.

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Great Mormon temple in La'ie consecrated.

Cherniavsky Russian trio performs in Honolulu.

Fountain erected in Kapi'olani Park to commemorate coronation of Japanese Emperor Yoshihito.

London soprano Tori Sommers gives two concerts in Hawai'i.

Versailles Treaty formally ends World War I.

Bauhaus school founded in Weimar, Germany.

Ernest Rutherford splits an atom into smaller particles.

First dial telephone.

Pogo stick invented.

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