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Overview of time periods in Hawaii's post-contact history

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Life in Hawai‘i Business & Economy Arts & Science World Events

Honolulu zoo opens.

First taxicabs appear in Hawai'i.

First traffic laws codified.

Centennary of Kauikeaouli (Kamehameha III) marked with memorial services and the placing of a plaque at his birthplace at Keauhou, Hawai'i.

First county building in the territory erected on Kaua'i at Lihue.

Graft scandal lands Hawai'i county administrators in jail for siphoning off road funds.

Pak Yong-man organizes Kungmin Kundan, or the Korean Military Corps, on O'ahu. The corps receives financial assistance from Pak Chong-soo.

First cargo ship through the Panama Canal carries Hawaiian sugar.

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Paper mulch introduced for pineapple farming.

New pineapple cannery established in Kalihi by Libby, McNeille & Libby Company.

Matson Company's new ship Matsonia begins service between San Franciso and Honolulu. Manoa begins interisland steamship service.

$32,056,000 worth of imports arrive in Hawai'i; exports total $41,594,000.

The Committee of the Social Evil notes, "Soldiers are encouraged to use prophylactics [sic], which are freely dispensed," hopefully promoting birth control through the use of condoms.

The Commemorative Pageant is rechristened the Mid-Pacific Carnival.

St. Peter's Church serving Chinese Episcopalians completed on Emma Street.

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Captain Henri Berger's 70th birthday honored with special band concert and gold badge bestowed by former Queen Lili'uokalani to commemorate his 42 years as conductor of the Hawaiian Band.

World War I begins in Europe.

Mary Phelps Jacob patents the first brassiere.

35mm camera makes photography more accessible.

Mohandas Gandhi returns to India after practicing law in South Africa.

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