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Overview of time periods in Hawaii's post-contact history

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First foundation stone at 'Iolani palace laid. Read More.

Honolulu experiences a summer outbreak of measles - introduced from San Francisco - but no deaths are reported. However, typhoid and other "low fevers" result in a number of deaths.

Over 3,500 Chinese laborers arrive in Hawai'i.

$3,743,000 worth of imports arrive in Hawai'i. The Islands export $3,704,000 worth of goods.

The Ravenscrag and Highflyer - operated by Hoffnung & Company, managers of subsequent Portuguese immigration - bring a total of 751 Portuguese to the Islands.

First artesian wells bored by James Ashley, hired by James Campbell, at Ewa, O'ahu, allowing for irrigation of thousands of acres of fields.

Kahului & Wailuku railroad opened on Maui.

Demonstration of the first recorded sound given by a Mr. J.W. Kohler, who arrives in Honolulu with an Edison phonograph.

Hawai'i experiences electric lighting when the English ironclad Triumph visits. After nightfall, the warship unexpectedly switches on its spotlight and for nearly two hours bathes the city in its beam.

First steam fire engine imported to the Islands.

Portuguese immigrants arrive with a four-stringed instrument called the braguinha or cavaquinho, ancestor of the `ukulele.

First electric railway exhibited in Berlin.

Edison invents the carbon-filament lamp.

Henrik Ibsen writes A Doll's House.

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