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Overview of time periods in Hawaii's post-contact history

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Life in Hawai‘i Business & Economy Arts & Science World Events

Russians, under a Dr. Schaffer, build the redoubts at Hanalei and the fort at Waimea.

Otto von Kotzebue of the Russian imperial navy arrives in Hawai`i on the Rurick as part of a Pacific voyage of discovery. The expedition artist, Louis Choris, makes several portraits of Kamehameha.

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John Palmer Parker given the right to settle in Waimea and hunt wild cattle to sell their meat and skins: the start of Parker Ranch.

Peak years in sandalwood harvest and trade to China continue until 1830. Many of Hawaii's lowland forests are ordered burned by Hawaiian chiefs to detect standing or fallen sandalwood by the fragrant odor of the smoke.

Woodbridge Collected Edition of Captain Cook's Original Voyage Around the World published; it contains occasional references to Hawai`i as well as insights into maritime activitiy and the increasing American presence in the Pacific.

Dr. Jaoa de Castro is first Portuguese to visit Hawai`i. The physician to Kotzebue arrives with the Russian expedition and treats Kamehameha while in the Islands.

Battle of Waterloo won by the British.

Safety lamp invented to prevent explosions in mines.

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