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Introduction of Cattle
Cattle for Cash
Mexican Vaquero
Paniolo Skills
Major Ranches
Ranch Lifestyle
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Ranch Lifestyle

Life on Hawaii's ranches was gracious and generous. Ranch owner's homes were the centers of social activity, providing a venue for dances and dinners and offering hospitality to any prominent visitors to the area. James Makee's ranch on Maui played host more than once to King David Kalakaua. Guests at Huehue Ranch included Lili`uokalani, Sanford Dole, Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole and Jack London.

Paniolo on the ranches had a slightly rougher lifestyle. They often accompanied cattle shipped to Honolulu and stayed to pick up their paycheck. Many blew their total earnings in the city. If a Big Island cowboy emptied his wallet at one of C.Q. Hop's houses of ill repute, Hop bought the man's return ticket to Kona, knowing he’d get repeat business next paycheck.

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