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James Dole establishes the Hawaiian Pineapple Company

James Dole started his Hawaiian Pineapple Company on the central plains of O'ahu. By 1907, operations had outgrown the capacity of the company's field cannery, so a new facility was built in Iwilei, near downtown Honolulu. In 1927, the Dole Company added a giant pineapple-shaped water tank above the cannery, a conspicuous landmark remembered by generations. The giant pineapple actually camouflaged an emergency water supply, 100,000 gallons to supplement the cannery's sprinkler system. The pineapple was 62 feet high and over 100 feet in circumference. Removed in 1993, the pieces were retained for future restoration. The cannery itself shut down and the building site now serves as the location for Cannery Square shopping center.

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