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Hurricane hits Maui

A hurricane in the Islands did significant damage on Maui. James Makee, owner of Rose Ranch at 'Ulupalakua, described the storm in the Hawaiian Gazette:

We have met with a great misfortune, but not, I hope, an irremediable one. At a quarter past ten this morning, I went into the office to write letters. I had just begun to write when the wind commenced to blow furiously; in five minutes after, it was blowing one of the most fearful hurricanes I ever experienced. The door of the office was burst in, and it took all the strength of Mr. S. and myself to close it and nail it up. Just as we had secured the door we saw the flag-staff fall. The hurricane being so terrific that trees, houses, and everything about were flying before the force of the wind. I was of course anxious to get to the dwelling-house, but could see no way of accomplishing my desire. At this time a servant who had managed to get to the office window informed me that -- was sick. I got out of the lee window of the office and made a desperate attempt to get to the house. The air was literally full of branches of trees, barrels and shingles. It seemed as though the Furies were let loose. I finally got into the garden where the trees were falling in every direction, when a gust of wind took me and threw me some ten feet, fortunately landing me on a grass plot, by which good fortune I received no injury. One of the natives came with great difficulty to my rescue, when, with great exertion, we succeeded in getting into the house . . . The gale continued in all its fury until two o'clock, when it subsided. It was fearful to see the havoc during its duration. Trees were prostrate in every direction; the mill and engine house, the boiling house, the bowling alley, sugar house, cook house, two of the Chinese and one native house were down. One store house at the beach, and all the native houses there had been blown into the sea . . .

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