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Return to the year 1791

Kamehameha dedicates Pu'ukohola heiau

Hawai'i island was embroiled in civil war after the death of Kalaniopu'u as Kamehameha fought his cousins Kiwala'o then Keoua for dominance. After fighting bloody but inconclusive battles against Keoua's army, Kamehameha sought the blessing of his war god, Kuka'ilimoku, by building a large heiau at Kawaihae. Called Pu'ukohola, it was prophesied that a sacrifice here would end war on the island. When the heiau was complete, Kamehameha invited Keoua to discuss a truce. Keoua traveled to Kawaihae willingly, aware that he would most likely be killed. As soon as he stepped ashore, Ke'eaumoku's spear took him down. With the death of this last rival, Kamehameha was undisputed ruler of Hawai'i island.

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