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Overview of time periods in Hawaii's post-contact history

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Life in Hawai‘i Business & Economy Arts & Science World Events

Schooner Whalber from San Francisco transfers arms and ammunition to steamer Waimanalo to be smuggled ashore off Diamond Head.

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Counter-revolution to restore the monarchy defeated; Lili'uokalani agrees to abdicate and take an oath of allegiance to the Republic. Read More.

O'ahu-wide teachers association established.

Viggo Jacobsen designs the seal for the Republic of Hawai'i.

Captain King takes possession of the French Frigate Shoals for the Republic of Hawai'i.

Honolulu High School, now McKinley, opens.

First island tennis championship sponsored by the newly formed Hawaiian Lawn Tennis Association. W.F. Dillingham wins the singles and teams up with Dr. H. Howards to win the doubles title.

Street letter boxes established after an initial trial run.

Hawaiian Sugar Planters Association forms.

Melon fly accidentally introduced from the Orient and is soon regarded as the most destructive pest to vegetable crops in the Islands.

Oregon Railway & Steam Navigation of Portland inaugurates regular stop over at Honolulu.

Hawaiian Fruit & Packing Company exports initial shipment of 486 cases of 24 cans each of preserved pineapple to San Francisco.

Reopening of Portuguese labor market brings 723 men, women and children to the Islands.

Waihee and Wailuku Plantation Corporations consolidated on Maui.

$5,714,000 worth of imports arrive in Hawai'i; exports total $8,474,000.

First typesetting machine in Hawai'i operates in the Honolulu Advertiser office.

Cholera epidemic hits the Islands killing 64. Originating from China and Japan and arriving aboard the Belgic, the disease is confined to Honolulu.

Earliest tide tables for Honolulu published.

Whaleship Horatio arrives with 13 crewmembers afflicted with smallpox. Six patients move to the quarantine station; all but one are brought through successfully and no new cases are reported.

The Amateur Orchestra is the first full scale symphony orchestra in the Islands.

Christian Church on Alakea Street under Rev. T.D. Garvin erects new house of worship.

Kawaiaha`o Church reopens after renovations that include electric lights.

The Music Hall in Honolulu burns down.

First cinema set up by the Lumieres in Paris.

Marconi sends the first radio communication.

Oscar Wilde writes The Importance of Being Ernest.

William Roentgen discovers X-rays.

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